Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter!

Oh. My. Goodness.

That movie was awesome. It's just what I was hoping for. 'Tis now the official end of my childhood, and I doth bid it a sincere adieu. I've been through all the books [ before they got really big] and seen all the movies. It's been quite a journey. ^_^

BUT, as with all things, I did have a few (very miniscule) problems with it, though these are problems primarily stemming from the book itself, which the movie (unfortunately in some cases) followed quite well.

***SPOILERS*** Ha. As if. [If you seriously don't know these, then where have you been for the past couple years? I have no sympathy for you. :P]

#1.WHY DID FRED HAVE TO DIE??!?!!?! Most of the other deaths were reasonable, but Fred?! You can't kill off a twin! Unless they're evil or something. From the sound of this article, she wanted the Weasley clan to suffer a loss. But why not Arthur? I know she was all like, "I couldn't bear to kill him." or "I didn't want Harry to lose another father figure." But, I think it would've made a whole lot more sense for Arthur to die, especially when protecting one of his children. In the series, we've seen mothers being very protective of their children, but none of the dads have done anything quite similar. And since Arthur was very much a family man, it would just make sense. I was really thinking that Arthur would die protecting one of his kids (FRED, maybe?) as a way to show that wizarding dads care about their kids just as much as their mothers do. It would've been nice to see more paternal engagement and love throughout the series, but we do see that in Harry's mentors/father figures. Which brings me to my next point: yes, Harry would lose another father figure, but I think that would've strengthened the bond between the trio and between Harry and Lupin and Hagrid. See, Tonks and Lupin apparently took the place of Arthur as well. So if Arthur had died, Lupin would be right there for him. But I could also see Lupin dying, which would leave Hagrid. Now, I know he's not a "normal" wizard by any means, but again, it would make sense that the one who "rescued" him from his relative's house would be the only one left. He's always been there for Harry, ever since he was a baby. But unlike Dumbledore and Sirius (and possibly Snape), he would survive the end because he's tough like that. So yeah, (getting back to the point) I find Fred's death unnecessary and devastating.

#2. TONKS AND LUPIN DESERVED A PROPER DEATH SCENE. Okay, talk about the Couple Badass! I'm sure that they had some epicness in their last hours. And what do we get? Nuthin'. Just basically listing them off as one of the dead. The movie was slightly better, with them standing together, reaching for each other before the shield fails. The next time we see them, they're dead. D: Surely they could've shown more of the most awesome "old" couple fightin' off an army of Death Eaters! I mean, Lupin was a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher AND one of the Marauder's. I know he had some awesomeness up his werewolf-y sleeves. And Tonks, the metamorphagi, is/was an auror, the equivalent of the police for magicians. Yeah, so we've got two very awesome magicians coming to their end. And what do we get? N
othing. Absolutely nuthin'. Tonks and Lupin deserved so much better.

#3. DRACO. Just Draco. Snarky villain turned... complete wimp. Really? He chickened out of killing Dumbledore, which was totally understandable. He seemed to be all set up for a comeback, whether good or evil, to show the readers that yes, the spoiled brat in the beginning has turned into a pretty awesome guy/mini-villain. But alas, he just comes up with some half-baked scheme and falls way short. And then runs home to mommy.

So it's just those three things. And despite the disparaging tone, I really did love the book. I love the whole series. And I trust J.K. Rowling's work, her writing, her thoughts. This wonderful story was created by her, so ultimately she has the final say in the canon, and we must defer to her.

But there's always fanfiction. >:D

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